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May 16, 2017


College Information Source is pleased to offer a wide ranging data on colleges and extensive courses. Our selected colleges have dedicated and passionate teaching staff with teaching experience at leading universities. They have business and industry experience, thus bring forward real time experiences inside the classroom.We are committed to quality education and student satisfaction. The underlying objective is to encourage students to attain theirbest and to develop their self-confidence to provide them with the competitive edge.

We also understand student perspective is much beyond study and hard work. We are committed to develop our students with a challenging, rewarding and enjoyable learning environment. We provide various support services and actively work alongside our students, who seek part-time employment in their chosen profession.We understand that choosing the right college and curriculum is an important decision for you. Our experts are available to assist you and your family in making this important decision of life. We hope the courses offered are of your interest, and will expand your knowledge and improve you career prospects.

In order to secure admission in a college in Australia you’ll need to first apply for admission in an institution and thereafter apply for a student visa from the embassy.There are several steps you would have to go through,as mentioned below:

  1. Finalizing your preferred course and the institutions that offer the same, in order to pursue further.
  2. Submitting your application online to the selected institution.
  3. Receiving the acceptance in the form of offer letter.
  4. Confirmation of Enrolment from your desired institution.
  5. Apply for student visa.


There are some basic parameters that you must fulfill both for the institution and your visa application, whichare inclusive of:

  1. Academic requirements.
  2. English language requirements.
  3. Evidence of funds to support your study.
  4. Overseas student health cover.

Students across all institutions come from various parts of the world, bringing with them warmth and culture of their nation. Our diversified student population creates a truly unique learning experience for all our students.